Smart Solutions (Mobile App)

Our company has highly qualified and experienced programmers, dealing with the development of mobile applications, designed for the specific needs of our customers.
The development department is following the best practices and techniques to build powerful user experience driven mobile applications.We provide a range of web application development services,from simple content apps to complex ecommerce apps
for the most popular platforms,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After you create a decent website that effectively promotes your business on the Internet, the challenge will be to attract the widest possible range of visitors. However, it is not easy for a website to be displayed in top positions of the search engine results because the competition is very high. Search engines use a complex algorithm to rank the sites in the lists of results.The operations carried out by experienced technicians to improve the position of a website’s occurrence in search engine results are so-called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The SEO services we offer include:

Register website to selected web directories.
Create friendly URLs (short urls or friendly urls).
Use appropriate header content (heading tags).
Register website to selected web directories.
Ranking- Evaluation of site with standard tools before
and after optimization.
Use sitemap.xml, robots.txt and functional page navigation.
Descriptive text on images and video
Ranking- Evaluation of site with standard tools before
and after optimization.

Video Promo Production

Corporate Video is an essential marketing tool for companies to communicate with their audience.It offers an engaging, memorable way of conveying information – adding real value to your company website.Whether you need to showcase a product, a service or convey the ethos of your company, a professional corporate video production gets your message seen and heard in a uniquely powerful way; at home, office, on computer, tablet or mobile.We also offer long form video production: seminars, training sessions, shows and documentaries. More recently we’ve been exploring how 360 video and VR can be used for marketing and training. Our typical projects fall into 3 main categories:

Corporate event videos
(conferences,training, awards)

Promotional videos for
(businesses, products and organizations)

Art / theatre /
music videos